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Welcome to RT Group Truck & Trailer Repair Center. We provide the widest range of trucks and trailers repair and maintenance services!
Professional Repair & Maintenance
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The most reliable and professional truck & trailer repair center in the Chicago Area
RT Group Truck & Trailer Repair Center
Electrical system is an essential part of any modern vehicle.
Make sure that tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages are OK.
A regular brake system checkup can save your vehicle’s general condition.
Wheels are one of the most important parts of your vehicle in general.
Belts and hoses withstand a lot of pressure and wear out easily.
Efficient and small-scale, this engine can give about 1000 horsepower.
Full specter of truck and trailers repair/maintenance service
Company's Services Overview
Collision & damage repair, painting
Mobile Roadside Truck Repair
D.O.T. inspections
Truck & trailer repair
Engine service and repair
Oil change and PM service
Tire & brakes service
Electrical service and computer diagnostic
Bus Repairs & Maintenance
Radiators, Cooling & Air Conditioning
Transmission & Drivetrain repair
Hydraulic systems
Frame, Alignment & Suspension
This means that we have new equipment for any type of examination, repair, and customization service.
We practice innovative methods of truck repair
One of the leading truck repair companies in Chicago Area
Providing Professional Trucking Maintenance Service
Doing Service on International standards of quality
International Standards
Premium quality OEM parts and materials for our customers only
Only Original Parts
Our client’s comfort and safety are a high priority to us as professionals
We Respect Our Customers
Frame, Alignment & Suspension
Full-service frame, suspension, and alignment services with accredited technicians that get every job done right
Brakes System
Brakes are perhaps the most crucial component of your truck
Tire service
Your safety and comfort on the road directly depends on the quality of your tires
Electrical service and computer diagnostic
The maximum performance out of your truck with the most comprehensive tests
Engine service and repair
Full specter of engines repairing and maintenance
Collision & damage repair, painting
Whether a small dent or full body repair we’ve got you covered
Body kit installation
If you need an original or aftermarket handle, we have it
We know trucks and a whole industry from the inside
Why Clients Choose Us?
Mobile Roadside Truck Repair
Mobile roadside repair service when you’ve stuck anywhere in the Greater Chicago Area and Illinois!
Professional Repair & Maintenance
Your most reliable truck & trailer repair company. We provide the widest range of trucking repair and maintenance services!
Custom Services
Professional Mechanics
Satisfied Clients
Years on the Market
Oil change and PM service
Extend your truck life by timely doing required maintenance
Truck Performance Without Compromise
We know that you have places to be and goods to deliver on time, so our goal is to get you in and out of our shop as quickly as possible
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